In need of a standard push working lawnmower, weed whacker and any children's outdoor activities (aged 2-13)
House fire left us with nothing last year. (Renters insurance expired right before the fire) We've gotten a few things but need so much more. Lawn mower- working condition only Dressers- need 2-3 in good condition Table- Good condition, seat 6 Area rugs, curtains, patio furniture or anything you can think of besides kitchen items. Thanks in advance!! Good bless!
Would be grateful to received 24" Boys Bike in any condition. Many Thanks!
In search of sturdy boxes as we begin donating, purging and packing. Willing to pick-up. Thanks!
I was wondering if anyone has a area rug that they are giving away? Please let me know. Thanks.
Looking for a gently used Twin Mattress. If you have one laying around, please let me know.
WANTED: We are in need of Hardwire and fasteners for our chickens yard. We are about to be proud chicken parents and are in need of hard wire and fasteners to build the pen, coop, and run. We need about 7 or so rolls and fasteners. All donations appreciated. We'll just gather til we have enough. Thanks in advance. Faye
Looking for plants to complete my yard project. Not bushes or trees just colorful flowers
Locating all size of moving boxes. Moving can be pretty expensive and if anyone has any boxes available I am willing to pick up immediately! Thank you.
Just recently moved in, and my microwave bit the dust. Also, since this apartment is smaller than my previous one, I need shelving and/or storage items to help contain all of my stuff. Thank you in advance for your generosity.
I was wondering if maybe anyone has a spare prosthetic leg. I am an above knee amputee and cannot afford a prosthetic leg! If any please contact me! Or if any kind of wheelchair or crutches will do as well. Please and thank you so much!
Hi there! I was hoping anyone has any common house hold items they can offer. Microwaves furniture or anything. Please and thank you!